Samstag 1. Juni 2019


Kaum zu glauben aber diese legendäre Band aus China wird bei uns im Keller spielen. Ein intimer Rahmen also, hält man sich vor Augen, dass Wang Wen in ihrem Heimatland überwiegend Locations mit Platz für rund 1500 Fans ausverkaufen. Ein einzigartiger Abend mit einer der eigenständigsten Instrumental-Bands unserer Zeit.

Two years ago, when Wang Wen musical group released their album Sweet Home, Go!, they used sounds to create an aura of grandeur, to describe the huge black hole of the time in their eyes that would swallow us all. To everyone’s surprise, they didn’t carry on with the theme, nor got obsessed over lengthy tragic and stirring narration and overwhelming feelings. They turned around suddenly and switched their attention from the zeitgeist to where people actually live, hence the new album Invisible City, consist of eight relatively short but exquisite songs. 

As an “old band” which is almost 20-year-old, Wang Wen’s albums vary in theme. It’s not really a surprise that the band keeps evolving during all those years. But this new album will definitely be the most beautiful and warmest one that Wang Wen has released so far. They devoted themselves completely to the music and bared their unmasked feelings regarding the city they live. They traveled to Iceland to record the new album, which made the sounds in it purer and more ethereal. In this album, Invisible City, we can feel the caring, and also hear Wang Wen becoming warm positive energy in this city without them realizing it.

Einlass: 19.00 Uhr
Beginn: 20.00 Uhr
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